Curran Looks for Rapid Improvement in One-Day Series

Speaking ahead of the Zim/Ind/NZ triangular tournament, new Zim coach Kevin Curran has spoken of his hopes for a rapid improvement in his team's performances:

Curran, who played 11 Tests for Zimbabwe apart from being one of the most effective overseas players in English county cricket, said that Zimbabwe had turned out world-class cricketers in spite of having a small first-class structure that comprised only four provinces. "The intensive and long standing sports culture is why this small country has produced a number of world-class sportspeople over the years," said Curran. "I want all the team to rapidly improve by 5%, let's say, because that will impact on the team as a whole. I am a team man but also a really competitive person, and always have been. I want that to rub off and I'm sure it will."

Sources: CricInfo, BBC Sport

Zim's one-day performances, while still poor, haven't been quite as disastrous as their recent Test outings, so any improvement would be more than welcome - even if it would upset the circling vultures.