Stanbic Twenty20 Fixtures Released

The fixture list for this year's Stanbic Twenty20 has been released:

13 November 2010	Midwest Rhinos v Southern Rocks			10:00
			Matabeleland Tuskers v Mashonaland Eagles	14:00
14 November 2010	Southern Rocks v Mashonaland Eagles		10:00
			Mountaineers v Midwest Rhinos			14:00
16 November 2010	Mountaineers v Mashonaland eagles		14:00
17 November 2010	Southern Rocks v Matabaleland Tuskers		10:00
			Midwest Rhinos v Mashonaland Eagles		14:00
18 November 2010	Mountaineers v Matabeleland Tuskers		14:00
19 November 2010	Mountaineers v Southern Rocks			10:00
			Midwest Rhinos v Matabeleland Tuskers		14:00
20 November 2010	SF1: 1st vs 4th					10:00
			SF2: 2nd vs 3rd					14:00
21 November 2010	Play-off (Losers SF1 & SF2)			10:00
			Final						14:00

No Desert Vipers this year, which is a disappointment, but it seems that a decent lineup of big name players have been lured by the mighty ZC dollar again this year, so it should be a good spectacle. Word from ZC last year what that this edition would be played in Bulawayo - not so, as all matches will be at Harare Sports Club - while all matches appear to be daytime games.