BancABC U13 Week Begins Today

The BancABC U13 Weeks begins today, with matches to be played at Prince Edward School until Thursday (8th). Here's the schedule, for anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of future talent:

5 December      Eagles v Rhinos                 Jubilee
                Mountaineers v Rocks            Chapel
                Tuskers v Development XI        Hospital
6 December      Tuskers v Mountaineers          Jubilee
                Eagles v Rocks                  Chapel
                Development XI v Rhinos         Hospital
7 December      Rhinos v Rocks                  Jubilee
                Mountaineers v Development XI   Chapel
                Eagles v Tuskers                Hospital
8 December      Winner A v Winner B             Jubilee
                #2 A v #2 B                     Chapel
                #3 A v #3 B                     Hospital
Group A: Eagles, Rhinos, Tuskers
Group B: Mountaineers, Rocks, Development XI

ZC are at pains to point out that this is a development tournament, and as such there'll be no declared winner.