Videocon Cup: Game 4 Roundup

It's nice to find that for once the various match bulletins scattered around the web for yesterday's match are lacking in the heavy criticism of Zimbabwe that's been common of late. Yesterday's 27-run loss (the closest game of the tri-series so far) held a lot of good for the home side - although opinion is pretty much unanimous that they could still have done better.

Zimbabwe -vs- New Zealand: NZ Win by 27 Runs

Another day, another ODI, with the expectation that New Zealand would once again knock Zimbabwe to the four corners of the field in their second Videocon Cup meeting in Harare. As with India earlier in the week, though, the Black Caps weren't able to fully exploit the Zimbabwean bowling and were only able to post a modest total of 238.

Sean Ervine Eyes International Return

Sean Ervine has been speaking to the BBC about his hopes for a return to international cricket, although not with Zimbabwe. Ervine currently plays for Hampshire and Western Australia, and depending on where he chooses to permanently settle could eventually qualify to play for either England or Australia.

"At the moment, I am playing every ball, every over, every game as it comes. In the end, I feel that cricket will take me where it wants to take me. I could play for either England or Australia and I will have to make a decision about that in the next couple of years. Hampshire have given me more opportunities than Western Australia but if I get more opportunities this winter, it will make my decision much harder."

On the possibility of a return to playing for Zimbabwe, Ervine is clear: "I will never go back to Zimbabwe to play cricket."

Source: BBC Sport

World XI Coach Urges Rethink of Zim's Status

Super Series World XI coach John Wright has urged the ICC to rethink Zimbabwe's international status, on the grounds that he feels Zimbabwe's current cricketing infrastructure isn't good enough to support a full international squad. Speaking to the Press Trust of India, Wright said:

"The crux of the matter is whether Zimbabwe have the development programmes and the resources to sustain their international presence. I don't think it's any good for any cricket team to be beaten so badly and so often as Zimbabwe have been lately. The confidence of the individuals has to be affected, and there comes a time where it almost becomes cruel."

Source: CricInfo

Tendulkar Ruled Out of Test Series

Sachin Tendulkar has been ruled out of the Indian squad for the upcoming tests against Zimbabwe. Tendulkar had surgery on his elbow in May, but has not yet returned to full fitness. His place in the test squad has been filled by Dheeraj Yadav.

Videocon Cup: Game 4 Preview

Zimbabwe face New Zealand tomorrow in the fourth game of the Videocon Cup tri-series, with even the most biased Zimbabwe supporter fully expecting a third drubbing at the Harare Sports Club. Is there any hope of an upset?

Videocon Cup: Game 3 Roundup

There's a certain dread that goes along with reading the various match reports that appear the day after a Zimbabwe match - you just know that some people will take an inordinate amount of joy from delivering another slew of barbed comments. The surprise this morning, after Zimbabwe's latest huge defeat, is that not all those comments are aimed at Zimbabwe...

Zimbabwe -vs- India: India win by 161 runs

At lunchtime it looked so promising - good fielding and bowling by Zimbabwe had held India back to 226, a target which should have been chasable, but once again Zim were unable to finish the job. This match report is not for the easily upset...

Videocon Cup: Game 3 Preview

The Videocon Cup moves on to Harare tomorrow (Monday) for the third game in the series, as Zimbabwe take on India. Both teams have been comprehensively beaten (some would say humiliated) by New Zealand in the past week, so who is best placed to pick themselves up and pick up a victory in the process?

India Stuck in Bulawayo

While India's media and tour personnel have moved to Harare ahead of Monday's game against Zimbabwe, the team themselves are still stuck in Bulawayo, having apparently been unable to secure flights. It seems India's lack of planning for this tour continues to cause problems.

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