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Franchise Sponsors Revealed

The Zimbabwe Independent has details of the franchise sponsors, with which I'm about to have a little juvenile fun. Bear with me. :)

Mashonaland Eagles, the biggest franchise headquartered in Harare, are set to be bankrolled by agro-processing company Colcom Holdings Limited. If they don't win the title this year, it'll likely to be down to a clear case of "we ate all the pies".

Matabeleland Tuskers have almost agreed terms with Metropolitan Bank - appropriately enough, as their pre-season preparations would seem to make them a side you can bank on to do well this year.

Masvingo will land insurance company Nicoz Diamond, in the hopes that their support will help them improve on their less-than-sparkling performances in recent years. Bear in mind that the side, in their Southerns incarnation, didn't feature in last season's Logan Cup tournament.

Steelmakers, Zimbabwe's second-largest steel producers, will sponsor the Midlands, who will be disappointed that the steel connection doesn't exempt them from the laws against bowling beam-ers (okay, I'm stretching these now...).

Manicaland will be spondored by Sakunda Energy Petroleum, making them one side guaranteed to have no worries about petrol shortages. One hopes.

I'll stop now. :) Full franchise details and squads are due to be announced in Bulawayo on Wednesday evening, and for the first time in years, I'm feeling a certain sense of anticipation and excitement to see who's named in them...
Zimbabwe Independent - Cricket Franchises Secure Sponsors

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